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On Prophets and Obits

Q&A on Prophets and Obits: Q: What are the main problems with the obit that you’re hearing about? A: Most people are frustrated with tone—which is a bit amorphous, but “tone” can also mean “something that I can’t put my… Continue Reading →

What do you see?

My sister mentioned this interesting thought to me, and I wanted to record it: “My family and I got caught up with the “what color is this” game today; similar to the white/gold verses black/blue dress debate from a few… Continue Reading →

AHCA and Civility: Republicans Aren’t Murderers

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently said that Republicans are paying for tax cuts with blood money. I don’t feel like scouring the web for equally violent metaphors that are currently popular, but I feel quite comfortable saying that hers was not… Continue Reading →

A Critique of Capitalism

A critique of capitalism. By Ben “wannabe-economist” Pacini. I consider myself to be a genuine proponent of free markets, personal freedoms, and limited government. I believe in these things unapologetically. This belief came about because I wanted to study how… Continue Reading →

Q&A: Communism and The Nazis

I’ve had Nazis on my mind of late. I have begun taking online classes through  I highly recommend the service, with a caveat: it provides high quality lectures. It doesn’t provide a course.  I get more out of it… Continue Reading →

Of Metrics and Men

Of Metrics: If you want to know how a school is doing, don’t check test scores. Smell the bathrooms first. If they reek of rancid urine, you can bet that school climate is “in the toilet,” so to speak. Bathroom odor is a quick-and-dirty… Continue Reading →

#Getoffmylawn Du Jour

I was a crotchety old man at the ripe old age of 7.  I was already complaining about “kids these days” and muttering #getoffmylawn.  I think I was born this way, and have a predisposition toward orderliness, respect, manners, and… Continue Reading →

Virtue Signaling: A More Virtuous Way

Virtue signalling should be avoided like a bad cliche. If there were a master list of bad people, virtue signallers would be found among comma abusers, nose pickers, bad parkers, puppy kickers, and those with impaired grammar.  I repeat: they all… Continue Reading →

The Misapplication Test of Ideologies

I’ve been troubled, lately, by something that I find challenging to explain.  I’ll illustrate with three recent examples: A young friend of mine recently told me that students at his school regularly accuse teachers and administrators of racism when giving… Continue Reading →

Why I Write

When I was in college, I was miserable at waking up on time.  My roommates knew this, and had a fair amount of fun at my expense–I tolerated this, precisely because I was so in need of desperate help waking… Continue Reading →

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