I was a crotchety old man at the ripe old age of 7.  I was already complaining about “kids these days” and muttering #getoffmylawn.  I think I was born this way, and have a predisposition toward orderliness, respect, manners, and general anti-hooliganry.

Surprisingly, this has not changed as I’ve gotten older.

To the contrary, I am quickly becoming a senile conspiracy theorist who is convinced that psychology, psychiatry, and social work (along with all defense attorneys everywhere) are in league to make the very concept of punishment verboten. Incarceration is evil.  Fines are not fine.  Time outs are bad for kids.

Try a time-in instead.

For the curious, I’m fairly sure that it is a conspiracy that comes from Marxism.

Stupid Marxism.

There are two problems with this approach of “punishment-is-always-bad-just-be-nice”:

  1. It offends seemingly-young grumpy-old-men like me.
  2. It doesn’t seem to work.

In today’s edition of #getoffmylawn, I borrow the masterful response to positive discipline from a teacher.  A really good one, if “Teacher of the Year” still means anything.  (Stupid participation trophies.)