Below we’ve compiled a list of readings (articles, links, GIF’s, videos, you name it) for Juntites.  They include tips, stories, and examples of people being civil in the crazy world of modern politics.  If you see something like this, feel free to tag it under #whyajunto.


The Ideological Turing Test by Bryan Caplan.

Don’t straw man.  Steel Man.  By Daniel Fincke.

The Three Languages of Politics, by Arnold Kling.

A how-to guide and example on abortion.  Hear the biography, not the ideology.

Civil discourse by Van Jones.  Civility can be the antidote to hate.  Note the hugs at the end.

Jonathan Haidt on the politics of morality: The Righteous Mind.

The enemy is fear and outrage, not people.  Fight fear, not people.

David Eagleman on the Science of de- (and re-) humanization.

I can tolerate anything but the outgroup. Scott Alexander, Slate Star Codex.

From the Mormon angle:  The Mormon Ethic of Civility

Again from the Mormon angle: Engage Critics With Kindness


Evidence of polarization and division:

The Atlantic talks with Bill Clinton: Bill Clinton on America’s ‘One Remaining Bigotry’

From the New York Times Blog:  Talk Deeply, Be Happy

From the New York Times: American Anger: It’s Not the Economy. It’s the Other Party.

From the Pew Research Center:  Political polarization is real.


Quotes, Memes and GIF’s:

A vulgar mistake

What do we want?!  Reasoned Discourse!